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July 2022
Conservatory Floor Tiling
Kitchen Floor Tiling
Hallway Tiling
Kitchen Splashback Tiling
Bathroom Wall Tiling
Conservatory Floor Tiling
Hallway Tiling
Kitchen Splashback Tiling
Exterior Step Tiling
Bathroom Wall Tiling

Our Bathroom Fitter

Tiling Services :

At Our Bathroom Fitter we provide a dedicated tiling service throughout Manchester.
Whether it be new for old wall or floor tiles in a kitchen or bathroom.
Our Bathroom Fitter is sympathetic to the homeowner during the tile fitting process,
especially to the single bathroom household so as to cause as little disruption as
Depending on the size of the room most installations are carried out in just a couple
of days.
Normally due to the small floor area of bathrooms Our Bathroom Fitter can remove
the old floor tiles and replace with new on the same day, thereby allowing the
homeowner full access to the bathroom from 6:00 pm ( the rush hour ! ) .
Shelves, cabinets and toilet roll holders etc can be tricky to fit to tiled backround
walls, all is needed is a tile drill bit ensuring the plug you insert after drilling the hole
does not expand in the tile but in the wall itself if its a solid wall, if its a stud wall a
normal screw is fine providing you have located a timber stud, if you missed it just
use a plasterboard plug, ( clear as mud ! ) .
Our Bathroom Fitter always recommends removal of radiators ( wall tiling only ) for
tiling behind to give a more superior finish, temporary removal of radiators does not
mean any loss of heating or hot water to the rest of your home unless it is a single
pipe system ( very rare ) .
All doors professionally planed to allow for increased floor height from newly laid
floor tiles.
Tiling materials and sanitary ware collection and return excess service available.
Old tiles / rubbish removed and disposed at council waste recycling depot.
We only use the highest quality adhesive, grout and sealants as
there is nothing more disappointing than grouts or sealants going mouldy
before time, let alone the potential health hazard.
All work professionally carried out and guaranteed to last.
For a free no obligation quote or practical advice, contact Our Bathroom Fitter now
on 0161 883 1981 / mobile (Mike) 0777 953 2113 or complete the call back form
and we will call you.